9/11 Impacting Children’s Mental Health

9/11 Impacting Children’s Mental Health, By Elizabeth Rawlins


Doctors say the number of children diagnosed with anxiety disorders in the last decade has nearly doubled.sad child

Dr. Karen Browner-Elhanan says we don’t live in the same world we used to, and it’s taking a toll on our children’s mental health.

She says since 9/11, there appears to be more graphic and violent video of real-life events circulating on TV and on social media, specifically of terrorist groups bombing and killing people.

Browner-Elhanan recommends parents to screen terrorist videos like they would movies, many of them should be rated PG-13 or rated R.

Tips for parents:

  1. Make sure you monitor your child’s access to social media
  2.  Monitor their behavior because violent pictures and video can cause children to panic
  3. Be open with your children. If they see something violent or upsetting, talk to them about and help them to understand.

“It’s like the big bad monster. It’s almost like an epidemic, a disease that you can’t control and I think if a child feels like he does not have control over something, they are really going to feel like it shakes their whole world,” said Dr. Browner- Elhanan.

If you have any reason believe your child is suffering from anxiety, make sure you take them to see a pediatrician.

For more tips to help your child with anxiety:




Reprinted from WTOC.