Center for Community Based Partnerships, Inc.

Bridging the gaps



The Center for Community Based Partnerships, Inc.ís mission is to support the economic and social advancement of people with disabilities through creative, philanthropic collaboration for innovative community-based mental health, addictive disease and developmental disability services and resources.



With a focus on community and a passion for innovation, integrity and individual empowerment, the Center for Community Based Partnerships, Inc. is working towards a vision of the inclusion and prosperity of all members of our diverse community.



The Center for Community Based Partnerships, Inc. (CCBP) was founded in 2006 by a group of concerned citizens committed to encouraging creativity, philanthropy, and community partnerships to care for some of Cobb Countyís most vulnerable populations: children, families, and adults of low socioeconomic status, who struggle with mental illness, substance abuse, and/or developmental disabilities. These members of the Cobb county community often have little choice or control over where and how they access services. The Cobb County Community Services Board (CCCSB) is the largest public provider of treatment for mental illness, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities in Cobb County. This organization, however, receives grossly inadequate funding for the over 14,000 citizens it cares for each year. Despite these obstacles, the CCCSB has been celebrated for using creative funding strategies to offer progressive and innovative services that improve the Cobb County community, one citizen at a time. The CCBP offers financial and administrative solutions and support, not otherwise available through Federal, State, or local funds, for evidence-based and cutting-edge care for under served members of our Cobb County Community.


If you are interested in making a donation to the CCBP please contact Shannon Rippy, CFO.

The CCBP website is under development