Addiction Recovery Awareness Day 2014

Show Your Support for Recovery in Action!

 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Certification Board of Georgia
Georgia Addiction Counselors Association
Georgia Association of Community Service Boards
Georgia Association of Recovery Residences
Georgia Association of Recovery Residences
Georgia Association of Recovery Residences
Georgia Association of Recovery Residences

nvite you to attend

 Addiction Recovery Awareness Day 2014

 Monday, January 13th at the Georgia State Capitol Monday

Invited Speakers include:

  •  The Honorable Nathan Deal, Governor
  • Legislative Leadership
  • DBHDD Commissioner
  • Cassandra Price, DBHDD Executive Director
  • State Representative Jay Neal
  • Other Recovery Allies and Advocates!
Scedule of Events
  • 8:15-9:45  Registration at Central Presbyterian Church –
    Required before breakfast because space is limited!
  • 8:15 1st breakfast seating
  • 9:15 2nd  breakfast seating
                        Recovery Messaging Training & Networking to
                                 Expand Opportunities for Recovery
  •  10: 00 2014 Legislative session & Networking
  • 11:15 Recovery Rally on Washington Street Steps at the Capitol

Addiction is a chronic health condition of epidemic proportions with physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual elements that costs our society over $400 billion each year. Over 22 million Americans and their families have yet to receive the continuing and holistic care they need to recover and become productive members of society.

There is Hope…
Over 23 million Americans are living in recovery and benefiting themselves, their families and our communities!!


Join us as we celebrate the lives of Georgians in recovery and our allies including family members and professional helpers, and

Help us spread the message of HOPEl

Questions? Please contact:
Neil Kaltenecker, GCSA, Email: Phone: 404.523.3440 Robyn Garrett-Gunnoe, GACSB, Email: Phone: 912.312.3205

Addiction Recovery Awareness Day 2014