Bright Changes Clubhouse Graduation

Thirteen students in the Bright Changes Clubhouse program of the Cobb and Douglas Counties Community Services Boards (CDCSB) graduated into transitional care on a recent Friday. The program provides mental health care for students in area schools with school-based, after-school, and summer services.

Clubhouse grad 1

Captain Donnie L. Cochran, U.S. Navy (Retired) congratulates a member.

The Friday graduation and family event program for the students and their families included a keynote address by Captain Donnie L. Cochran, U.S. Navy (Retired). Captain Cochran served two tours with the Blue Angels as both a team member and later as Flight Commander.

“Students come to the Bright Changes Clubhouse program through self-referral as well as through referrals from the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). Students are also referred by Cobb and Douglas school officials and the Department of Family and Children Services and area group homes,” said Keith Parker, Program Manager. They work with a therapist and a case manager at the Bright Changes Clubhouse as part of the program.

“Our Bright Changes Mental Health Clubhouse is a community-based program, addressing the social and emotional needs of school aged children and youth. Our goal is to support and encourage youth to explore new and exciting opportunities, by promoting an array of experiences and providing a safe environment during the after school hours and summer,” said Emily Lawery, Child and Adolescent Therapist/Coordinator for the CDCSB. ”

Club Members receive case management, therapy, age-appropriate life skills, training, academic support and exposure to different careers and hobbies through field trips and speakers.

“The goal of the Cobb and Douglas CSB is to promote Recovery through respectful, evidence-based treatment offered with compassion for individuals and their families,” said Interim CEO Bryan Stephens. For services call 770-422-0202, the Access Center.

Recovery is Possible!