DBHDD response to Georgia Health News report finding psychiatric patients released to shelters, insufficient supportive housing

In its article, Georgia Health News cites a recently released report finding that Georgia is not meeting its court-supervised obligations for creating housing for people with serious mental illness and state-run psychiatric hospitals have discharged dozens of patients to homeless shelters, with the result of many being re-hospitalized.  Read the article here  Andrew S. Johnson, Director of Georgia DBHDD Office of Public Affairs, provides, “Adequately addressing the housing needs of Georgians with serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) must start with determining who lacks stable housing and what is keeping those individuals from obtaining or maintaining a steady home. That’s why we are developing a process to assess the housing needs of people with SPMI. Alongside this effort, we will continue to make funding for housing one of our top budget priorities.”

GSHA Newsletter 7-21-16 www.supportivehousingassociation.com            June 29, 2016 The Pulse