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Developmental Disabilities - CHOICES 2...Innovative Community Services

CHOICES 2 the Developmental Disabilities Services department of the Cobb and Douglas Counties Community Services Boards. CHOICES 2 offers the following innovative community service programs.

  • Supported Employment/Prevocational
  • WOW (With out Walls)
  • CAG (Community Access Group)
  • Residential
  • Family Supports

We are an Olmstead implementation site for the state of Georgia. 
These innovative and interactive services are wrapped around the strengths, abilities, and needs of each customer, providing an environment for personal enrichment and growth.  

Individuals served in CHOICES 2 will experience:

Inclusion - Involvement with relatives and friends and a belonging to their neighborhood and community,
Independence - Providing individuals with opportunities to develop skills that lessen his/her dependence.
Individualization - Increasing esteem, by giving him/her personalized choices and by , providing services in terms of his/her unique and valued abilities.
Productivity - Provides the participant with opportunities to make an increasingly meaningful contribution to his/her environment.

Individuals served by CHOICES 2 have the following rights;

The right to make choices according to a person's personal preference is an important part of the Day service's with out walls person-centered approach.   
Quality Care: Individuals in our program will be treated with respect and dignity.

CHOICES 2 brochure - PDF document

Resource Links:

  • IHDD - Institute on Human Development and Disability
  • T-TAP - Training and Technical Assistance for Providers
  • CATEA - Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access
  • Community Inclusion - Institute for Community Inclusion

    "It matters not what a person is born, but who they chose to be.”
    J.K. Rowlings

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