Just in Time Scheduling

On December 1, 2014 we kicked-off a new method of scheduling for our psychiatric services – Just In Time Scheduling (JIT)!  JIT allows us to increase our accessibility, increase client engagement, and increase consistency in provider-patient care.  This scheduling method is active in our Cobb and Douglas outpatient clinics.

JIT scheduling means that we only schedule psychiatric appointments 3 to 5 business days out at a time versus the traditional 3 to 4 months.  At check-out, the individual is given a JIT Reminder card which identifies the date that they need to call the JIT Scheduling number (770-422-0202) to schedule their appointment for the following week.  For example: Sam is to return in 6 weeks.  Sam’s JIT Reminder card will identify that he should call in 5 weeks. Sam is also placed on a reminder call list, that will call him in 5 weeks to remind him to make his appointment.