May is Hepatitis Awareness Month

CDC DVH – Division of Viral Hepatitis – HAM-Banner_625x77

Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C can become chronic, life-long infections which can lead to liver cancer. Millions of Americans are living with chronic viral hepatitis, and many do not know they are infected.

CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis is leading a national campaign called Know More Hepatitis.  The initiative aims to increase awareness about this hidden epidemic and encouraging people born from 1945-1965 to get tested for Hepatitis C. The division is also coordinating with community partners to promote testing among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders through the multilingual Know Hepatitis B campaign.

Hepatitis Testing Day – May 19th

May 19th has been designated as a national “Hepatitis Testing Day” in the United States.  Find a testing event near you on the Hepatitis Testing Events pageExternal Web Site Icon.