M/R Johnson: Share Your Story of Renewal, Preparation, and Transformation

A woman shares her story of recovery and encourages others to do the same.

Question: Are you ashamed to share your story?

Sharing my story is a part of my work, and my recovery. See, I’m an addict—wrong, right, or indifferent, I will always be an addict. Yet what makes me understand my addiction more is that I suffer with a mental health disorder of depression (co-occurring disorders) and I once lived with suicidal thoughts.

However, today I live with HOPE.

But who really wants to admit they are an addict? Better yet, who wants to admit they have any mental health disorders? Depression, addiction, and suicide are not a joke! They are real illnesses like bed partners that do not discriminate. It was only when I entered into psychiatric in-patient and outpatients wards, and drug rehabilitation programs, along with group therapy, that is when I came to the understanding that there was hope in recovery.

When I think about my life of recovery, I always ask myself the question—What must a caterpillar endure to become a butterfly? Then I ponder the answer with—The caterpillar’s destiny is to survive for the renewing, preparation, and transformation through the metamorphosis stages by reaching the safety of the cocoon. The purpose of the process is to receive a reward for the struggle by becoming the beautiful new butterfly creature God intended it to be.

The amazing journey of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly is how my life has become. I am in the transformation stages of metamorphosis replacing the stigma and shame that my depression and addiction once took from me.

See, I remember a time in my life when I was in bondage, all I know is today I am free. Sharing my story has given me the courage to share with others that it is TIME to EDUCATE, REWRITE, and ADVOCATE for CHANGE. That no matter what a person has done or has been through, recovery is an every second, every minute, every hour, and everyday process. However it is POSSIBLE.

It is in sharing my story of HOPE and SURVIVAL and keeping it real that I find others can relate. So I will ask the question again, are you ashamed to share your story? No need to answer just remember never, never, ever give up!

There is always HOPE!

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Article from http://www.recoverymonth.gov/personal-stories/read