September is Recovery Month, New Technologies for Whole Body Health and Wellness

New Technologies for Whole Body Health and Wellness

(Aired: September 2, 2015)

This episode looks at the use of new technologies that help people track their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Innovations in health information technology and telemedicine have expanded the delivery of treatment and recovery services. New online tools for treatment and recovery such as “virtual” communities, telemedicine portals, and “virtual” counselors offer individuals tailored services.

The episode reviews SAMHSA’s new mobile applications and interactive tools. These include an anti-bullying app, the suicide prevention phone line, and innovative mobile resources to help prevent underage drinking.

This episode also examines new self-directed tools for wellness, including fitness tracking devices, apps that encourage exercise and reduced calorie intake, and programs that allow patients to self-monitor their own mental health. Additionally, the episode discusses tools to help individuals access recovery and support networks through their mobile phones.

Patients should be encouraged to talk to their provider about how the tools benefit their health and wellness. The episode’s panel discusses how patients and health care professionals alike can learn about health information technologies designed to prevent substance use, promote early intervention, and provide methods for healthy lifestyle behaviors and overall wellness—all essential components of a successful recovery journey.


Recovery is Possible!