HIV Services

HIV Early Intervention Services (HIV/EIS) is a program of Georgia DBHDD/Division of Addictive Diseases for HIV prevention and addiction recovery. Services include HIV and Hepatitis C pre and post-test counseling, educational materials and classes, safer sex supplies and STI education. The HIV/EIS Counselor makes regularly scheduled visits to our mental health, adolescent, residential and transitional housing facilities in addition to Cobb County universities, providing education and testing with results provided in 20 minutes. Our services educate and empower our clients to make healthy decision about their sexual practices. Confidentiality is maintained to enhance the process and encourage honest self-reporting. Community testing is available upon request. Please contact 770-499-2422 and ask for Shannon Tillett for details.

LifeLine Project

The LifeLine Project is a comprehensive, SAMHSA funded treatment and care program of the Cobb and Douglas Community Services Board designed to help stop the disproportionate spread of HIV and Hepatitis B & C among heterosexual African Americans who use addictive substances. Additionally the program helps to reduce the stigma surrounding these diseases. The program uses a combination of community outreach and testing events as well as gender specific, small group level evidenced-based behavioral intervention models in a non-clinical setting to promote healthy choices and support positive health outcomes.

Services Provided by LifeLine:

  • Free Rapid HIV Testing.
  • Free Hepatitis B & C Testing.
  • Free Condoms & Safer Sex Materials.
  • Free Educational Literature.
  • Targeted seminars, presentations and testing services for:
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Centers – SA Brochure
  • Faith Based Organizations – Faith Base Brochure
  • Community Based OrganizationsCommunity Brochure
    • Linkage to Care for HIV and Hepatitis patients.
    • Healthcare Navigator/Case Manager and assistance with retention and re-engagement to care.
    • Referrals to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services.
    • Gender specific classes.

For more information please contact us at 770.499.2422 and ask for the LifeLine Project.

HIV continues to have a detrimental impact nationwide as well as in the State of Georgia. Cobb and Douglas CSB has chosen to make providing HIV testing and education to the community a priority. Free HIV testing is available to all persons 18 years of age and older. Testing is provider at Cobb Recovery Center which is located at 331 N. Marietta Parkway, Marietta, GA 30080. Testing is conducted Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm. For questions or concerns, please call us at 770-499-2422.









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