Residential Services

The Residential Department provides housing (the majority to those who we are currently treating) and support services toHouse adolescents and adults with mental health and/or substance abuse challenges.  A broad range of facilities are available to those we serve.

Recovery in Motion (formerly Dual Diagnosis Residential Program) is a semi-independent, 24 hour supervised program which houses individuals with substance use disorders. This program serves adult males and females. The program offers onsite staff, on-call nursing, transportation to the clinical services, community meetings and life skills. The participants of the Recovery in Motion Residential Program will receive clinical services at the Cobb Outpatient Program. This program is 6 months in length and clients are required to attend the treatment program. Case management and assistance with referrals to affordable housing and employment (after graduation) can be provided. To refer yourself or someone else for this program, call 678-398-7666, or complete and submit the linked referral form below.

Intensive Treatment Residential Program is a  program that serves SPMI adults and provides services that will help the consumer manage the symptoms of his/her illness, develop daily living skills and learn to use natural community supports. They attend day treatment programs. A six to nine months residency is the expectation.

New Start Men’s Program is an alcohol and drug transitional housing service which provides intensive alcohol and drug treatment and transitional housing to adult men, who are being discharged from the Crisis Stabilization Program or have been discharged from a CSU in the last 12 months and have a primary diagnosis of substance use disorder. The average length of stay is 30 days. We offer on-site substance abuse education, relapse prevention and supportive services for this population. We offer a continuum of support and customized services that will help residents transition back into the community with more effective tools and skills to maintain sobriety. To refer yourself or someone else for this program, call 678-398-7666, or complete and submit the linked referral form below.

Women’s Treatment and Recovery Support (WTRS) Program/Mothers Making a Change Program (MMAC): The Women’s Treatment and Recovery Support (WTRS) Program is a highly structured, trauma-responsive, gender-specific program for pregnant women and women with children, with substance use disorders. WTRS Residential is available to participants who experience difficulties in maintaining their sobriety without a structured residential setting, with priority admission for pregnant women and intravenous (IV) users, as well as accommodations for individuals participating in Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). On-site monitoring is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Cobb County. The Families Making a Change (FMAC) Program through WTRS Residential is a specialized, gender-specific, trauma-responsive substance use disorder treatment program for pregnant & post-partum women with children under the age of 12 months. The program recognizes the unique needs of pregnant & postpartum women in treatment for substance use & their children, while providing 24-hour residential supervision. WTRS Residential also provides Therapeutic Childcare for program participants, providing a nurturing environment for children ages birth through 13 years old, empowering participants and their children through the development of strong interactive skills, as well as offering nurturing guidance to the participants to enhance their parenting skills. Treatment is provided by a comprehensive team of licensed/credentialed clinicians, case managers, physicians, nurses, peer specialists, and paraprofessionals.

Residential Application


Shelter Plus Care; Goals of the Shelter Plus Care (S+C) Program are to assist homeless individuals and their families to increase their housing stability, skills and/or income, and self-sufficiency.

DCA’s S+C program provides permanent housing in connection with supportive services to homeless people with disabilities and their families. The program provides rental assistance for a variety of housing choices, accompanied by a range of supportive services funded by other sources. The program is designed to serve a population that has been traditionally hard to reach; homeless persons with disabilities such as, but not limited to, serious mental illness, chronic substance abuse, and/or AIDS and related diseases. The S+C program was built on the premise that housing and services need to be connected in order to ensure the stability of housing for this population. Supported Housing Application Packet

Cobb/Douglas also has housing through our Neighborhood Stabilization Program.

For more information on the programs above please call 770-422-0202 or review our Supportive Housing Brochure 2018_

Respite Program: The Cobb & Douglas County Community Services Boards and Avita Community Services Boards have a Crisis Respite program that provides temporary respite housing. This service is monitored 24/7 by direct care staff. Crisis respite services include individualized engagement, crisis planning, linkage to treatment and other community resources for the individual to safely reside in a community and transportation assistance when needed to access appropriate levels of care. Referrals can be submitted electronically on the Cobb & Douglas County Community Services Boards website. Accessibility to the Crisis Respite Program can be through psychiatric inpatient facilities, Crisis Stabilization units (CSU), or 23 hour observation areas, hospitals, Core Providers, and emergency rooms or venues that may need crisis respite housing. The referral form is available by following the link. CRA APPLICATION



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