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Cobb County Community Services Board provides both mental health and substance use services for children and adolescents. We provide assessment  and therapy to children and families at Cobb Outpatient Services and offer day programs that address behavioral health challenges. For youth in need of 24-hour substance use care, we offer residential services facilitated by a team of experts.

APEX School-Based Mental Health

The APEX program, a partnership with local schools, provides school-based mental health services to students in grades K-12. APEX staff members work closely with school staff to identify the needs of students and link them with appropriate services. The services are provided within the school setting and via telehealth–including assessment, diagnostic evaluation, individual, family and group therapy and case management/community support.

This school collaboration provides families with streamlined access to mental health services and serves to help improve academics, behavior, virtual school attendance and ultimately graduation rates. To access services, please visit the referral page on our website, look for behavioral health, and then child/adolescent services or call 770-429-5000 during normal business hours.



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Substance Use After-School Program

The TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) Clubhouse. is an exciting place for youth (ages 13-17) to learn early recovery skills, alternative decision making and coping skills in an effort to prevent the continued use of psychoactive substances. Clubhouse services include structured recreational activities, educational and employment support services, peer and family support services and relapse prevention services.

Substance Use Residential (Teen)

The George W. Hartmann Center is a co-ed, structured residential substance use disorder recovery program for adolescents, ages 13-17. Hartmann provides 24 hour supervised, planned living and recovery services in a therapeutic environment. We offer comprehensive assessments, individualized treatment planning, substance use recovery groups, individual/family counseling, life-skills group, recreational activities, psychiatric and nursing services, and an accredited educational curriculum.

Mental Health After-School Program

Bright Changes Clubhouse is a community-based program that addresses the social and emotional needs of school-aged children and youth. We provide a safe environment during the after-school hours and during summer where kids can engage in exciting activities and experiences. Club Members receive case management, therapeutic services, age-appropriate life skills, homework support and exposure to different careers and hobbies.

System of Care

The System of Care Program (SOC) is a network of community-based agencies, programs and services who partner with youth ages 9 – 26 and their families to coordinate care for individuals who have complex needs. SOC partners with existing interventions and treatments teams both in the community and on-site at Cobb County CSB; the SOC services can be added onto any current services. Additionally, SOC can be used as an entry point into our Child & Adolescent Programs and can be the starting point to provide linkage to all the resources we offer. Involvement in the SOC program can be temporary, ongoing, or as-needed.

SOC is highly collaborative and partners with community agencies and resources to provide customized care to the individual or family being served. The program aims to create individualized solutions for emotional, behavioral, social, and environmental needs. SOC can provide assistance with:

  • Case Management and Behavioral Health Assessments
  • Educational Support (school supplies, field trip costs, connection to tutors)
  • Housing Support (assistance with finding safe and affordable housing)
  • Mental Health Support (connection to counselors, groups, and medication services)
  • General Needs (clothing, groceries, personal care items)
  • Skills Training (money management courses, safety and self-defense, etc.)
  • Transition into Adulthood and Young Adult Services (obtaining driver’s license, education on adult services)
  • and More!

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